3 September 2013 - Extravegetables Releases Control4 Driver for Mede8er X3D Series      







23 August 2013 - V3 Firmware for X3D Series Released       






18 August 2013 - Built in Movie and TV Series Scraper detail       






17 August 2013 - Built in Movie and TV Series Scraper coming to your X3D soon       






25 June 2013 - Built in Movie Scraper coming to your X3D soon       






31 May 2013 - Mede8er New YouTube Flash - Pair with your Phone or Tablet       




* YouTube functionality is subject to availability and support by YouTube and Mede8er cannot be help responsible should
YouTube stop supporting the service.



21 May 2013 - Mede8er MED800X3D released in Europe      



Available from 1 June 2013 in Europe and certain Regions




5 May 2013 - Unlimited Music Play Possibilities - Mede8er NET API     



Due for release in May 2013




13 April 2013 - MED1000X3D is selected as One of Top Six Products of 2012 by Deon Schoeman of AVSA   



'In last year's Six Of The Best feature, the Mede8er MED500X2 media player was on of my stars, and the brand is again represented on this year's list, this time with a media player that not only improves on the very high standards of the MED500X2, but also introduces a very daring form factor and styling approach that truly sets it apart from the rest.'  Deon Schoeman AVSA     




11 April 2013 - Fist Tablet App soon to be released for X3D Series   



Soon you will be able to purchase the Mede8er Remote JukeBox App Developed by Absolute in the Netherlands.

The App will work on iPhone and iPad and allow you to view and control your Music, Movies and TV Series.




19 March 2013 - Multi Award Winning MED1000X3D   






14 March 2013 - New JukeBox Plus for Mede8er X3D Series  






5 March 2013 - Visit Mede8er Stand at the Gadget Show Live NEC Birmingham  3-7 April 






5 March 2013 - MED600X3D Award Winning Player now available in South Africa 



The Mini 3D player that has taken Europe by storm is now available in South Africa. Check local dealers for details.




7 February 2013 - X3D - V2 Firmware - iPad Mede8er Movie Jukebox Control



Development is complete on the new NET API in X3D V2 firmware and this has been exposed to external developers and we should start seeing 3rd party IPad / Android Apps available on the App Stores in the near future.




16 December 2012 - Mede8er X3D firmware from V1.0.4 incorporates the new Weather and Time Widget      




View the exact time and up-to-date weather conditions of your city on the Mede8er X3D Home Page





14 December 2012 - Mede8er X3D series V1.0.5 supports My Movies      



Mede8er release V1.0.5 in conjunction with a new release from My Movies will offer users

the ability to use Images and XML Data from My Movies for the Mede8er Movie Jukebox




13 December 2012 - Mede8er X3D series support Sony MTS 3D Camcorder Files     



Mede8er MED600X3D and MED1000X3D now fully support the Sony HDR-TD10 MTS Files




3 December 2012 - HD Fever France upgrades MED1000X3D Review score to 3 Star for both 2D and 3D     



After testing X3D Release 19 November Nicolas Bécuwe of HD Fever updated the

Review Score to 3/3 Star for both 2D and 3D




1 December 2012 - Great new X3 Skins Released by GlynRS2     








1 December 2012 - MED600X3D Best Value 3D Multimedia Player now Available In Europe     





28 November 2012 - Users posting positive comments about Mede8er - couto27 post on MPC Club Europe     





26 November 2012 - LCDTVTHAILAND ON AIR NOV 2012 - รีวิว MEDE8ER MED1000X3D     



Highlights of the On Air Review


Mede8er brand has proved to be is a very stable
Fanless design but cool running because of all aluminium construction

Match Audio and Subtitles with OSD Function.



20 November 2012 - Mede8er MED600X3D soon to be released in Europe     



New MED600X3D will soon be available in Europe

MED600X3D (No WiFi) €139.95
MED600X3D-WP (Inc PCI WiFi) €159.95

Other regions will follow in 2013



17 November 2012 - Mede8er MED1000X3D used as 3D source at LG 84" Launch in Vietnam      







16 November 2012 - Mede8er MED1000X3D continues to impress reviewers worldwide     




The Mede8er MED1000X3D 3D Multimedia Player has won accolades and awards from reviewers from around the globe




14 November 2012 - Mede8er Specials at Commart Show Thailand 15-18 Nov 2012     



Great Show Specials at Commart Bangkok Thailand 15-18 Nov 2012



13 November 2012 - Mede8er MED1000X3D on show at AV Trend Show Budapest Hungary Nov 2012     




11 November 2012 - MED1000X3D review by HD Player Thailand     



MED1000X3D gets a 8.5/10 Review by HD Player Thailand -Highest Review score for any Media Player ever


7 November 2012 - MED1000X3D review by VIDI Magazine Croatia    



MED1000X3D gets a 4.8/5 Review by VIDI Magazine Croatia


7 November 2012 - MED1000X3D review by Deon Schoeman AVSA South Africa   



MED1000X3D gets a 8.4/10 Review by Deon Schoeman AVSA South Africa


5 November 2012 - 5Star review from Germany    






2 November 2012 - Lal Hardy the UK Tatoo Legend showing his X3    





24 October 2012 - Mede8er MED1000X3D Review by Damian Perez in USA 





12 October 2012 - Mede8er Releases Relax Skin for X3 Series 






9 October 2012 - Mede8er MED1000X3D test Ukraine  8.5/10






4 October 2012 - Mede8er Booth at Rage Expo 2012 




Visit the Mede8er booth at Rage 2012 Gauteng South Africa for a live 3D Demo on the new MED1000X3D Player.

Great Show Specials on MED250X, MED450X2 and MED1000X3D



3 October 2012 - MED1000X3D gets Reviewed in Indonesia 





27 September 2012 - MED1000X3D gets Reviewed in Hungary 





24 September 2012 - MED1000X3D Dealer Evening in Vietnam 





15 September 2012 - MED1000X3D Review by Nicolas Bécuwe HDFever France 






12 September 2012 - MED1000X3D Lands in Vietnam 





9 September 2012 - MED1000X3D gets 'sehr gut' Review by Digital Home Magazine Germany



7 September 2012 - Mede8er Stand at IFA Berlin 2012

Mede8er displayed the full range of its Media Players at IFA Berlin 2012. The X3 created much interest from both dealers and users from all regions. Mede8er are very satisfied with the exposure it received at the show.






4 September 2012 - MED1000X3D receives 3 Awards

Google Translate

'We do not know that there's currently on the market and one media player similar features and similar prices around. X3 wins the gold medal in the category of 3D Media Player, HD Portal prestigious award, "Choice of Professionals", which means that we will consider this model is used as a reference for further testing and evaluation of all other media players, winning the award for Design Premium, which becomes the first Media player to win the award three times.'

Jasmin Custovic (Nani)








24 August 2012 - Talking MED1000X3D in Croatia region

MED1000X3D is already getting great coverage in Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Monte Negro. Watch this portal for more X3 news.




23 August 2012  -  MED1000X3D - Audiophile

Users in Thailand posted this image with comment that MED1000X3D is true Audiophile 





22 August 2012  -  MED1000X3D - MED400X2S Launch at IFA Berlin

Mede8er will demonstrate the new models MED400X2S & MED1000X3D at the IFA show 



31 August - 05 September 2012
Messe Berlin
, Germany

Hall 3.2 Booth 119



14 August 2012  -  MED1000X3D is quickly carving a niche into the home Lifestyle market




13 August 2012  -  First Community X3 Skin released by Shizzl




10 August 2012  -  X3 Lands in Thailand





2 August 2012  -  Mede8er shipping MED1000X3D to South African Dealers



16 July 2012  -  Mede8er MED1000X3D is announced




23 March 2012  -  Mede8er at Commart Thailand




4 February 2012  -  MED400X2 Wins 'Best Reviewed' Award

MED400X2 Wins 'Best Reviewed' -- Kieskeurig Jan 2012.






28 January 2012  -  X2 Skin Competition Winners

Winning Skin: Confluence_Big_Icon (EMEA region by Shizzl)




Winning Skin: Docking (Other regions by The-Osiris)





16 September 2011  -  Universal iPhone and iPad remote for Mede8er

Control your media player with a fast and intuitive interface.






13 September 2011  -  MED400X2 / MED450X2  receives a Editors Choice Award for 2011 from MPC Club Europe

MED400X2 and MED450X2 received the very prestigious Editors Choice Award 2011 from MPC Club Europe.





'What's there to say really? Mede8er does it again. They have a way of bringing balance, price and quality perfectly together and again showcase their complete trust in their products with a 5 year warranty (Europe). Granted, I'm not a huge fan of Realtek players in terms of their lacking flexibility in tweaking the interface from a customer's perspective, but recognize all the efforts Mede8er takes to work around that Realtek limitation and provide not only cover art but excellent features like the "Watch Indicator". There's no need to go into media testing again as all these players do their job quite well. This is a hardware upgrade and I recommend them fully!'



6 September 2011  -  MED450X2 receives a Gold Award from BuyComs Thailand

MED450X2 received a 91% review score and a Gold Award from ByCOMs Magazine in Thailand.





9 August 2011  -  MED500X2 receives a Gold Award from BuyComs Thailand

MED500X2 received a 93% review score and a Gold Award from ByCOMs Magazine in Thailand.





1 August 2011  -  Tony Jaa the famous movie star purchases MED500X2 players

Tony Jaa the famous Thai actor purchases three MED500X2 players.






1 July 2011  -  First MED500X2  Review  --- '5 star award'

"This media player is very comprehensive, provides solid stability, decodes all that gives him to read, offers a good quality of decoding and upscaling effective. With its support for Blu-ray ISO, management and perfect MKV M2TS, the automatic launch of Blu-ray structures, a subtitle editor friendly, support TrueHD and DTS-HD bitstream, the USB 3.0 Slave, 3TB of HDD, Ethernet Gigabit, Flash support and the many Internet services, all for 179 euros, it is the best quality / price ratio that we have tested so far!"


"the MED500X2 receives a well deserved avhd Award for the best price / quality ratio of the moment in HD and DLNA media player without function PVR. "








1 June 2011  -  Mede8er MED500X2  is released


The long awaited MED500X2 is finally here. The regional release dates will vary and soon we will soon post a schedule on expected release dates per region.    





1 March 2011  -  Mede8er is awarded Best Reviewed  in March 2011




27 February 2011  -  Mede8er Magazine by HDstudio




04 February 2011  -  Mede8er MED500X  -  Wins Editor's Choice Award Videophile HD






03 February 2011  -  Mede8er MED400X  -  ME500X now supports MAC HFS File System


Make you Mede8er MED400X or  MED500X Mac file system compatible. Just install new Firmware Version  V4  and your Mede8er will be compatible with MAC HFS drives.





02 February 2011  -  Mede8er MED400X gets 4/5 star Review  Lesnumeriques France




"An excellent multimedia gateway which precedes many of its competitors. This is an excellent value for the money, although some points should be improved."   4/5 Star





NOTE:  Price indicated in the review is incorrect (about double the going price) so please check the correct pricing in your region



01 February 2011  -  Mede8er MED500X wins "BEST REVIEWED AWARD"

The People's Choice Award








23 December 2010  - "best media centres currently available" France

The MED500X was selected as one of Régis Jehl's favourite Media Players currently available on the market today.






20 December 2010  - MED400X Gets Reviewed in Italy 

Excellent for the quality/price ratio
Excellent for the price/performance 




Original Review In Italian


4 December 2010 - Mede8er at the GlobalSources Show  in Midrand South Africa

Mede8er displayed its full range of products at the first GlobalSources show in Africa. 




25 November 2010 - Mede8er Releases 4 new models

Mede8er Releases four new models


MED200X - Mini size USB hosting mass market player.


MED300X - Standard size including 3.5" Hard Drive Bay mass market player.


MED400X - Mini size Network and USB  player.


MED500X LIGHT - Traditional MED500X re-packaged without some of the accessory items. Lower cost to the consumer.



1 October 2010 - Mede8er Wins "Best Reviewed" award for the seventh month.

It is a great honour for any company to receive the "Best Reviewed" award for a product that consumers in the Kieskeurig site in the Netherlands judge to be the best.
To win it seven months in a row is a truly outstanding achievement 



7 August 2010 - Mede8er Receives Good Innovation Award

 Mede8er MED500X is awarded the Good Innovation award by VDMODTECH





23 July 2010 - Mede8er Launch Thailand

Mede8erThai By HDstudio CO,LTD 02-236-9962, 081-553-6269


12 July 2010 - Mede8er gets reviewed in Thailand - awarded the highest score

Great review from Thailand where Mede8er gets a higher score than the competition



11 July 2010 - Network Media Streamer Face Off - thedIgitalfix - UK

"The Mede8er wins as our pick for the best standalone option due to it's speed and functionality;"



18 March 2010 - Mede8er MED500X Wins Gold Award by popular IT Magazine in Malaysia

Mede8er MED500X Wins Gold Award from Popular IT Magazine in Malaysia



11 April 2010 - Mede8er runs huge promotion with Media Markt Netherlands

Mede8er enters the mass merchandise market  with special promotional packs in the Netherlands



1 July 2010 - Mede8er Wins "Best Reviewed" award for the fifth month in a row.

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